June 17, 2022

WISL 49 How to Pioneer in Business feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

WISL 49 How to Pioneer in Business feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

... a very pioneering way of being in business. Read the show notes for all the topics covered today.

Welcome to What Has My Attention. This is John Biethan.

We are back again today with Audrey, Lisa, and Patty talking about how to pioneer in business.


Introductions; John’s upcoming Business Story Anchor workshop facilitated by Patty; Stories create emotions and emotions create memories (Michael Roderick); Patty’s innovation (pioneering in business) and criticism is a gift; self-trust; trusting others; Lisa on feedback in pioneering, worthiness, people-pleasing; Audrey on moving from a lone wolf mentality to collaborative, trusted relationships; Patty on role models, our ingrained belief about ourselves, what sales is really about; Audrey on enrollment, sales, and pioneering a path; Lisa on abuse, craving a community of women, belonging, loneliness as the number 1 reason for burnout; Audrey highlights some of the concepts we’ve been talking about today as a very pioneering way of being in business; Patty on marketing schemes, and the great results she gets when her communication aligns with her values.

As we wrap up, Audrey asks us to consider the impact we have on our communities.

Guest contact information

Lisa Pachence https://www.coachingwithlp.com/

Audrey Holst http://fortitudeandflow.com/

Patty Block https://theblockgroup.net/ 

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Patty BlockProfile Photo

Patty Block

Helping Women Business Owners Generate More Revenue with Less Stress

In 2006, Patty founded The Block Group to empower women business owners who are experts in their fields.

As their trusted advisor, she brings a unique perspective, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues women face, as leaders, as moms, daughters and sisters.

62% of women rely on their businesses for their primary income, yet 88% of these businesses generate less than $100,000 in annual revenue.

Having seen the same struggles time and again, Patty teaches women how to shift their mindset and build their confidence to generate more revenue with less stress by reimagining pricing and selling.

She’s a firm believer that, when women earn more, everyone around them benefits - their staff, their family and their community.

Her life journey--the good and the bad--allows her to course-correct clients by leading and advising with compassion, empathy and quiet resolve.

The result is a partnership of unbiased accountability, helping women position their companies--financially, operationally, technologically--for game-changing results.

Patty raised three fantastic kids, all of whom have launched their careers and also work in Patty’s company (she essentially raised her own workforce!)

Clients often refer to Patty as their “business therapist” and “secret weapon.”

By establishing long-term relationships and serving as a strategic sounding board, clients experience direct benefits to crea… Read More

Audrey HolstProfile Photo

Audrey Holst

Founder and CEO

Audrey Holst guides ambitious high performers and high achievers who are ready to stop micromanaging their lives with perfectionism so they can actually start living. She’s the founder of the Fortitude & Flow® Process which fuses mindful and embodied practices to create sustainable transformation. Her work goes beyond mindset and addresses perfectionism’s impossible standards at their root cause.

Lisa PachenceProfile Photo

Lisa Pachence

CEO & Coach

Lisa Pachence is a Master Certified Coach, Mentor Coach for Coaches, Owner of LP Coaching – an elite Executive Life Coaching company – and a passionate student of life. Lisa primarily works with underfulfilled high-achievers – Big Hearted Female Entrepreneurs and Executives who are trapped in the tired pursuit of success through sacrifice. Through her own life experience as an athlete and executive-turned-entrepreneur, Lisa has powerfully, purposefully, and passionately built her business to help others find fulfillment beyond the balancing act. Clients have included Olympic athletes, Non-Profit Executives, government leaders, Tech CEOs, and Executives from Google, LinkedIn, Northwestern Mutual, Business Insider, and many others. In addition to powerful 1v1 coaching, Lisa offers group coaching programs including Down to Business Bootcamp for trained coaches, and The Elite Entrepreneur for services based business owners. She’s been featured on “This is It TV” and “The College Success Professor”, and has contributed to internationally acclaimed podcasts and websites such as The Dreammason Podcast, The HumanCare Podcast, Opulent Events, Noomii, and more! As a former client stated, "Working with Lisa is like training with Wonderwoman - and one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself."