Jan. 12, 2022

WISL 40 The Sovereign Voice of Influence feat. Nicole Guberman

WISL 40 The Sovereign Voice of Influence feat. Nicole Guberman

Contact Nicole at #vocalpower, #ownyourvoice, #fearofvisibility, #fearofpublicspeaking, #authenticallyunapologetic Contact us at    Welcome to What Has My Attention.This is John Biethan. Today’s episode is titled “The Sovereign Voice of...

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#vocalpower, #ownyourvoice, #fearofvisibility, #fearofpublicspeaking, #authenticallyunapologetic

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Welcome to What Has My Attention.
This is John Biethan.

Today’s episode is titled “The Sovereign Voice of Influence” feat. Nicole Guberman.

Nicole is yet another "Women in Strong Leadership" who I met on LinkedIn.

She has a very unique set of credentials, with in-depth knowledge, that along with her life-long experiences enhance and empower the change and transformation that women seek today.

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Website: https://trueselflove.club/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-guberman/

The Socials: @nicole.trueselflove 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicole.trueselflove/ 

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Nicole GubermanProfile Photo

Nicole Guberman

Transformational Coach, CEO and Founder

Nicole Guberman is the Founder & CEO of True Self Love™ Mindset & Transformational Coaching. Nicole is a mission-driven personal and professional development coach, board-certified alternative healing arts practitioner, and voice specialist. With a background in opera performance and private vocal instruction, she turns entrepreneurs, executives, speakers, coaches, and service professionals into powerhouse presenters, even if they’re introverts, highly sensitive, or deathly afraid of public speaking. She specializes in helping high-achieving women overcome fear of visibility and public speaking anxiety, unleash their voice, and achieve vocal growth after a toxic relationship, radically up-leveling their identity, courage, and communication skills. She is dedicated to empowering the leaders of today to speak with authenticity and ease, to own their value, and play full out in their purpose with joy and fulfillment.