Nov. 9, 2021

WISL 35 Leading with Soul feat. Priscilla Stephan

WISL 35 Leading with Soul feat. Priscilla Stephan

Alignment is quintessential - the state of resource optimization.

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Mentions and Quotes from Priscilla

Alignment is quintessential. It’s the state of resource optimization.

Mentions: Brene Brown. Simon Sinek. Donald Miller.

How can we do great work? Do Good. Feel good. Pay good.

From the Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide discover your archetype? There are five: the mystic, the visionary, the strategist, the explorer, and the divine feminine. I'm a mystic.

The Akashic Records Training.

For a CEO and as a business skill, self-trust is your greatest asset in a world that is screaming at you for the latest things to do and what not to do. And at the end of the day, the composure and discernment to know this is what feels true for me.

Back to the basics. Water. Nourishing food. And for me breathing room and space. For some people that can mean meditation or exercise.

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Priscilla StephanProfile Photo

Priscilla Stephan

Author, Business + Leadership Coach

Change is afoot, and we know that we are the catalysts for change.
But change requires, first, a new level of leadership within ourselves, followed by a new level of leadership externally.
We have deep questions that are inviting us to lead ourselves first, then to lead others.
Here’s the truth: What got you to this level of success isn’t what will take you to the next.

I’m Priscilla Stephan, an Intuitive Business Strategist and Creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes.

I help women leaders who have hit an upper limit in their businesses step into their next level of leadership and create more impact and profits with grace, joy and ease by embracing their natural leadership style.

I believe that the path to growing a successful, mission-driven business with meaning and purpose starts from within and by leading from your soul. This is why I work with women leaders who are self-proclaimed rebels, visionaries and who are determined to live an extraordinary life and who believe they can have it all because who says you can’t?