Oct. 28, 2021

WISL 34 Brave and Courageous at Techive feat. Kim Brown and Jamie Martin

WISL 34 Brave and Courageous at Techive feat. Kim Brown and Jamie Martin

Because Everyone is a Part of Tech.

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Techive.club, get a free month of membership using the code: taste-of-techive

On the last episode WISL, which stands for Women in Strong Leadership, number 33, I had a conversation with Jamie Martin titled: How To Be a Strong Female Voice in a Room of Men.

Today we continue the conversation with an associate of Jamie’s Kim Brown, the founder of Techive, a Non-Profit which supports women at every level of tech.

Without delay, here is Jamie Martin and Kim Brown: Brave and Courageous at Techive.

This is what has my attention.

Kim Brown is the founder of Techive, a Non-Profit for Every Woman at Every Level. Because Everyone is a Part of Tech. Teaching Data Literacy, Demystifying Jargon, Building Confidence, Networking, Uncovering Your Transferable Skills and Supporting Individuals’ Unique Goals.

Jamie Martin is a leadership and life coach. She partners with you allowing you to take back your life. She works with you together to breakthrough the stories you have that are holding you back. She creates a place for you to identify your beliefs and enable you to live your life truly according to those beliefs. You make your dreams a reality. You rediscover the brilliance you always knew existed in you.

Jamie can be heard on a previous episode, WISL 33 How To Be a Strong Female Voice in a Room of Men.

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Kim Brown, Techive.club, get a free month of membership using the code: taste-of-techive

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Kim Brown, Techive.club code: taste-of-techive

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Kim BrownProfile Photo

Kim Brown

CEO / Entrepreneur

Kimberly Brown, founder of TecHive, is a highly accomplished growth executive and nationally-
renowned speaker, executive coach, author and entrepreneur with over 15 years of proven
success. She has a background with companies such as the American Medical Association,
Conde Nast, GE, Acxiom, Hyatt, 1871, Publicis, WPP, REI, Tribune Corporation and more. She
has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwestern University Medill School of
Journalism . With experience across multiple industries, Kim has developed 500+ cross-
functional professionals, and conducted more than 75 events and workshops at large and small
corporations in the last 3 years (virtual and in-person) to support the advancement of women
of color in technology and the education of white women and male allies to support.
TecHive business description:
At TecHive, we teach women of color to communicate data as strategic leaders & leverage their
"data narratives" in our tech-first world. Learn more at TecHive.Club
Tagline: Changing the Face of Technology Leaders

Jamie MartinProfile Photo

Jamie Martin

Life and Leadership Coach

I’ve spent 17 years in technology with most of it in a state of denial, overwhelm and exhaustion. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted. I loved the idea of building things for people. I always have. The engineer in me wanted to use products to make people’s lives better. However, I found myself at companies like DoubleClick, Google, DialogTech. All focused on advertising and helping marketers, which wasn’t quite hitting my desire to make the lives of people better.

I found myself as the VP of Product Management and failing to get pregnant. I was more miserable and overwhelmed than I had ever been before, even when my health was at its worst in my 20s. I knew something had to change. I knew it was time to follow my heart and go after my dream of being a life and leadership coach.

During one of the women groups at my company, the speaker we brought in kept mentioning her coach. I took it as a sign that I needed to make the step to get into coaching.

And so, I started my journey to becoming a life and leadership coach and changing my life in the process. People now comment on how much more relaxed I am and happy I look. I’ve found things that I had lost over the years. A renewed connection to the universe and spirit. A renewed appreciation and love of my body. And so much more!