Today I’m giving the microphones to Jamie Martin and Heather Lynn Wagner who will help destigmatize Neurodiversity in the Workplace.

I really want to thank Jamie for bringing Heather on the show… and for that matter, all the other guests she’s brought on other episodes as well!

Topics covered in this episode Neurodiversity or neurodivergent individuals.

The need for more support in the workplace for these learning differences.

Neurodiversity and what it looks like.

Neurodiversity Pioneer Judy Singer.

Neurodiversity as a concept. The Neurodiversity movement.

Nothing about us, without us:

Other learning differences.

A D H D coaching.

The impact on executive function.

Learning differences markers.

Impulse control.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace.


Neurodivergent communication styles:

Disclose and self-disclose. Invisible disabilities. Social disability.

The inclusion model.

Unconscious bias.

Brene Brown - What’s Happening at Work, Part 1 of 2 with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek.

What does collaboration truly look like? There may be a clue here “The High Achieving Collaborator with Lisa, Audrey, and Patty”

The unspoken social curriculum.

Body doubling.

And more.

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