In a meeting not long ago, at the Chamber of Commerce in Carlsbad, I had the pleasure to hear Andria Taylor give a remarkable presentation. Her discourse, "Once Upon a Time... The Power of Storytelling for Your Business," was both delightful and insightful and I knew it needed a wider audience. And so, I convinced Andria to join me in the studio, to share her wisdom in a professional audio format.

Her tale was originally released as an episode on our Imagine Podcasting podcast, complete with a transcript and chapter markers for your convenience. But the power of her message, especially in this era where amplifying women's voices is of paramount importance, convinced me to present it to you again here at What Has My Attention.

It's a compact but potent 16-minute episode, a time well spent. If you need to reach out, you'll find me through the contact page on

Here and now, is “Once Upon a Time…”

Imagine a world where your business presentations, your connections, and your sales, all vibrate with the potency of a well-told story. Today, Andria, an expert in the art of storytelling and an exceptional presenter, joins us to demystify the art of powerful storytelling that adds momentum to your business journey.

Andria will enlighten us about the magic that a compelling story brings to the business and podcasting world. She'll navigate us through the essential components of a captivating tale and guide us on utilizing our own narratives to make our presentations, connections, and even sales pitches more resonant. Whether you're a podcaster, an entrepreneur, or just someone looking to make a meaningful impact, Andria's insights are a priceless resource. Don't let this opportunity slip by, and make sure to check the show notes for links to every resource discussed during our conversation.

Contact Andria Andria Taylor, M.Ed. Chief Talent Officer

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