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Kristi Mitchell

Marketing Consultant

Hi! I’m Kristi.

I've been in your shoes. Running a business, doing all of the things - trying to balance working *in* and *on* your business. It's hard. And, potentially lonely if you're not surrounded by business besties.

Marketing tends to be an area that solopreneurs and entrepreneurs get hung up on. What is marketing anyway? (More on that here.) It seems like there's a LOT to figure out that all relates back to it but it can be hard to wrap our heads around.

From my own experience, when we’re proactively working on our marketing - we are building our reputation, getting in front of new people, and reminding people what we do and why they should work with us. We attract more business!

When we let our marketing take a backseat - we connect with fewer people, we fail to stay front and center with our audience, we get forgotten and the leads stop coming in.

So we know it’s important, but we still end up letting it fall to the bottom of our list because it’s confusing and unwieldy.

That's why I decided to pivot my business during the pandemic.

I saw all of these super talented solopreneurs who were really passionate about the work they do and the clients they serve, but the marketing was getting in the way.

I realized that I could put my 10+ years of corporate marketing experience and MBA to work to help make marketing their business more manageable. I get to do what I love (strategic planning) and they get to feel better about tackling their own marketing to grow their business!

So here we are. Reach out and let me know how I can help!

And on a personal note...

When I’m not working in or on my business, you can find me outdoors (probably at the lake) with my husband, son and yellow lab.