This show has my attention

Im loving the way this show brings me to ponder on the topics being discussed. Like the host, I too am curious about life and the goings on in the world. Be it current or random events and topics, you’ll enjoy the natural flow and easy going demeanor the host brings to each episode. I can already tell after listening to around 10 episodes, this will be a show that brings more learning to my life. As a life long learner, I’m naturally inquisitive and would recommend this show for others looking for another aspect of unique perspective and learning.

Dave Herndon was amazing

What a fascination episode with Dave Herndon! The stories were so compelling I’ve listened to it twice. I’m glad Mr. Herndon had your attention!

Dave Herndon

Loved this - Dave is amazingly talented he created our first online magazine “Uncharted” which was astounding.

How to Tell Your Story

John Biethan really knows how to produce podcasts. He made me sound alright! Thanks, John