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Sarah Fejfar

Founder + Principal Strategist

And secondly, how do you pronounce that last name?!

Well, to answer your second question, it's FAY-fer, like paper, but with F's. To answer your first question:

Sarah's a lot like you: a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur... someone who understands the struggles of leveling up a business while simultaneously keeping lots of other plates spinning.

She understands the desire to do something new and the need to figure it out quickly.

Which is why... when her passion for picturing, planning, and producing events collided with being transformed as a guest at an influencer’s event, she knew she had to pass the skill and system for world-class events onto other entrepreneurs.

Sarah has spent the last two decades helping business owners, along with their marketing and sales teams, to leverage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events to reach more dream clients, build customer and employee loyalty, and make sales.