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Misty Giordano

Owner, Organizational Wellbeing Consultant, Speaker & Author

Misty Giordano is the owner of Love Your Life, LLC, author of The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees, and creatrix of The How to Human Experience offering speaking engagements, organizational wellbeing consulting and workshops, individual coaching and group programming centered around reconnecting to your human spirit via creating more room for joy and play. While she loves helping everyone, she especially loves being a mentor for women who feel lost in a life they created around what they felt was expected of them, but not what they actually wanted - leaving them feeling burnt out, stressed out, developing mysterious physical illnesses, their mental health suffering and leaving joy, play and fun as a foreign language. Instead of living life, they're managing it day in and day out. Sound like anyone you know?

A former HR Manager, Misty has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University and her holistic health coaching certificate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, along with the completion of many holistic courses, workshops and intensives along the way. With a self-proclaimed Doctorate in Life, Misty gathers tools and resources that have helped her in years past to heal through life circumstances such as corporate burnout, autoimmune disease and remission, caregiving burnout, divorce and total life transformation to light a path forward for her clients and workshop participants. More than a coach, Misty illuminates an array of options and resources to guide her clients on their next steps in their own healing journey. A never ending student of life herself, she is always learning, growing and diving into the next breadcrumbs along her path. Misty proudly lives a digital nomadic lifestyle, and in her spare time you can find her on any number of exploration adventures with her dog Mugsy in their home city of Chicago, checking out new landscapes, partaking in some kind of experiential travel experience, curled up with a good book or diving into an inspiration-led art project. Misty is also a board member for She's Rising, an organization that provides high school students with a broad perspective of the types of jobs available to them.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 41 Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees feat. Misty Giordano

With a corporate background in HR, she saw that HR professionals were presenting to their employees’ fluffy baseline programs and not a more robust well-being strategy wanted and needed by today’s workforce. So she created “Love Your Life with Misty” as a consultant for those companies.