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Karen Berzanski

Money Mindset Coach & Pro EFT Tapping Coach

Karen Berzanski is a Certified Life Coach and Pro EFT™ Tapping Coach who helps women bust through their money blocks so they can earn more, expect more, and enjoy more. Karen found Tapping after being hit and run over by a car in 2008. Not only did it help her heal PTSD and chronic physical pain, but it gave her the confidence to move across the country, start her own business and eliminate nearly $13k in debt – without deprivation. She’s now committed to helping women and those in marginalized communities re-define their relationship with money, so they can overcome the patriarchal, generational and gender-based programming holding them back from making, being and enjoying MORE. She is the founder of TheLuckySoul.com, rescue dog-mom to Banjo and proud Angeleno.

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WISL 44 a Whole Body Approach to Money Mindset feat. Karen Berzanski

Today I had the pleasure of bringing back Karen Berzanski to talk about a “Whole Body Approach to Money Mindset.” As usual with Karen, we had a lot of fun, and she gave me some things to think about and work on - which she will also do for you.