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Juliana Sih

Founder and Head Coach

Founder and Head Coach of Crescendo.
After college, I went to work in research, thinking the only way I could make a difference was to become a doctor or a scientist. After realizing that research and academia was not what I had hoped for, I turned to the corporate world to discover where else I could make an impact. After just a few short years, I was left unfulfilled. I felt trapped in either doing what I love or getting paid. I didn’t think I could have both.

At that time, I didn’t realize I could have my OWN business doing what I love and make money.

I thought I had to work for someone else, make their goals and dreams come true while putting my desires and yearning on the side burner until I retired.

Little did I know…

That when you own your own business, you can have freedom. Freedom with your time, creativity and limitless possibility for personal and professional growth. And although I knew it was going to be hard work, I knew it would be worthwhile.

I am here to help you have the thriving career and life you desire.
Whether it’s working for yourself, your dream company or starting that project that you’ve been thinking about for a decade, I believe that having a life you are excited and passionate about is an important part of being happier and content. Life should source you with joy and fulfillment, not deplete you of vitality.

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