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Jess Lily

Heart-Centered Leadership Coach, PCC at Jess Lilly Coaching LLC

I’m a Heart Centered Leadership Coach, a Professional Certified Coach, a silly goose, a love bug, a kickass Aunt, and a dog mom.
My job is to work with leaders on the cusp of greatness to go from reliable doers to transformational, Heart Centered Leaders.

How I Found Coaching
For most of my life, I saw my sensitivity as a weakness. I thought I was “too emotional” to be a powerful leader. I went from job to job looking for a place that would value my gifts and passion.

Looking outside myself for validation was the root of the issue!

After a particularly long day during my “burned out” period, I called up my Dad, (my trusted supporter and confidant) and asked him - “What am I doing wrong?”

His reply changed everything - “When will you see that your sensitivity is your strength?”

At that moment, something clicked for me. I decided that the world needed me as I was - compassionate, courageous, loving, intuitive, and fun. I could stop trying to perform and conform and instead hone my talents and lead from my values to make a difference in the world.

I was done reacting to life and looking outside of myself - I was ready to build something. I hired my first coach and I experienced the power of the work: honest feedback, deep connection, creative conversations, visioning - I was hooked. I knew this was the vehicle I wanted to use for supporting people in achieving greatness.

Women In Strong Leadership Lisa, Audrey, And Patty

WISL 25 Women in Strong Leadership - Leading from Love feat. Lisa Pachence and Jess Lily

This is the 2nd in a series of Women in Strong Leadership. Here we discuss several enhancements to coaching by leading with love. It’s interesting to me, and there’s more on this topic to come, as the ground is fertile here.