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Heather Lynn Wagner

Founder/Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach/Senior HR consultant/Neurodiversity Advocate/DEIB Trainer/Mom

Heather Lynn Wagner is a Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach, Senior HR consultant, Neurodiversity Advocate, and DEIB Trainer.

She is the founder of Heather Lynn + Co., a boutique coaching and consulting agency dedicated to serving entrepreneurs, high-performing leaders, and social impact organizations who want to maximize their talent and development programs and implement strategic HR initiatives. Heather Lynn + Co. offers executive leadership coaching, business coaching, talent + culture development programs, workshops, and trauma-informed training for coaches, leaders, and people managers.

Heather graduated from an ICF accredited coach training company, Accomplishment Coaching, and then went on to serve for two years as a Mentor Coach, training new coaches in their NYC and Washington DC programs.

A humanist at heart, Heather believes the best way to maximize impact is to cultivate the leadership skills of your most valuable asset- your people. She has been designing and facilitating transformational experiences for over 25 years. Her passion is helping people live fully and authentically expressed in their lives.

Ep. 57 Destigmatizing Neurodiversity in the Workplace feat. Jamie Martin and Heather Wagner

Topics: neurodiversity and what it looks like; neurodiversity pioneer Judy Singer; the neurodiversity movement; ADHD; and a lot more!