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Adam Jacobs & Erin Scheriff

Founding Partner

Adam is co-founder of The Jacobs Scheriff Group alongside Erin Scheriff. He brings leadership experience from various industries to JSG, using his consulting and development skills to help companies achieve their goals. A native of San Diego and graduate of Cornell (where he was a three year captain of the baseball team), Adam disrupted the health and wellness industries when he founded Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX, a fitness center offering all the benefits of a small boutique studio in one large, luxurious facility. His passion is giving back to the community, which inspired the mission of JSG: helping businesses that are helping the world. When Adam isn’t working, he enjoys playing tennis, rooting for the Padres, coaching baseball, and volunteering at various nonprofit organizations. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Amy, 2 dogs, tortoise, and daughter, Aylana.

Ep. 61 Changing The World Through Business with Adam Jacobs and Erin Scheriff

Community Success and Cross-Generation Collaboration; Business Ethics; Social Responsibility; Accountability; Startups; Fundraising; Revenue Optimization; Corporate Transparency; Consumer Intelligence; Stakeholder Engagement; Solo Investors; Business Strategy; Profit Generation; Non-profit vs. For-profit; For-purpose Business; Product Life Cycle; Business Growth; and Impact Investment.