Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 47 Breakdowns and Breakthroughs feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

We’re continuing the Women in Strong Leadership series with Lisa Pachence, Audrey Holst, and Patty Block. Today they’re talking about breakdowns and breakthroughs.  The last time we got together was on episode 46 released on February 22nd,...

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 46 Service and Success - How To Have Both feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

We are back today with Audrey, Lisa, and Patty talking about Service and Success and how to have both.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 45 Let's Win In 2022! R.I.P.P.L.E a Recipe For Success feat. Rachel Ivanovich

Rachel's Ivonivich's Success Recipe for 2022 is called RIPPLE where you'll glean advice and wisdom to create your success in 2022.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 44 a Whole Body Approach to Money Mindset feat. Karen Berzanski

Today I had the pleasure of bringing back Karen Berzanski to talk about a “Whole Body Approach to Money Mindset.” As usual with Karen, we had a lot of fun, and she gave me some things to think about and work on - which she will also do for you.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 43 Redefining Humaning feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

redefining humaning, stop settling for crumbs, unfulfilled overachievers, defining humaning, business problems are people problems and people problems are relationship problems, old-fashioned leadership, the patriarch, how women are portrayed in media, what society expects in us, what is your identity, happily ever after, being a realist, hope is not a strategy, false foundations, atlas of the heart, Brene Brown, never enough, not enough, generational trauma, Viktor Frankl, unwrapping who we really are, connecting the dots, as a woman how you play the game and what you’re willing to tolerate, accessing your own humanity, the way technology has changed business, wholeheartedness, neuro divergence, storytelling, what kind of impact are you making, a masterful monologue, service and success how to have both, the art of gathering, am I safe and do I belong.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 42 Juliana Sih: Stick Out with your Authentic Leadership Style

In today’s show, I’m talking with Juliana Sih, a graduate of Accomplishing Coaching. The program there is built around developing your potential. More than growth, more than development,...

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 41 Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees feat. Misty Giordano

With a corporate background in HR, she saw that HR professionals were presenting to their employees’ fluffy baseline programs and not a more robust well-being strategy wanted and needed by today’s workforce. So she created “Love Your Life with Misty” as a consultant for those companies.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 40 The Sovereign Voice of Influence feat. Nicole Guberman

Contact Nicole at #vocalpower, #ownyourvoice, #fearofvisibility, #fearofpublicspeaking, #authenticallyunapologetic Contact us at    Welcome to What Has My Attention.This is John Biethan. Today’s episode is titled “The Sovereign Voice of...

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 38 Leadership, Collaboration, and What's Next

Patty Block, Audrey Holst, and Lisa Pachence. Women in Strong Leadership.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 37 Fortitude and Flow feat. Audrey Holst

You’re not perfect - and let’s talk about how to deal with that.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 35 Leading with Soul feat. Priscilla Stephan

Alignment is quintessential - the state of resource optimization.

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 28 Tomorrow’s Women, Salaam~Shalom

This episode is time-sensitive and is a PSA for Tomorrow’s Women, a non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico that empowers young Israeli and Palestinian women to create change in areas of conflict. So if you like what you hear, on Saturday, July 31st, 2021 you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from the 2021 campers, speaking live from their unprecedented camp taking place in the Middle East near Bethlehem.

Ep. 27 Employed? Rebecca Le Vine will show you How to Love Your Mondays

Today Rebecca Le Vine will show you as an employee how to move out of “magical thinking” and into action and learn to love your Mondays. Rebecca and I met at Mary Cravets Watch Us Thrive networking calls which, if you’re looking to spend time...

Ep. 26 Unpacking Why Podcast with Sam De Santo S&G Studios

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been doing a series of conversations with “Women in Strong Leadership.” Those conversations will continue. But today I wanted to share a conversation about podcasting which I had with Sam...

Women In Strong Leadership

WISL 25 Women in Strong Leadership - Leading from Love feat. Lisa Pachence and Jess Lily

This is the 2nd in a series of Women in Strong Leadership. Here we discuss several enhancements to coaching by leading with love. It’s interesting to me, and there’s more on this topic to come, as the ground is fertile here.

Ep. 24 Storytelling with Chris Sheridan

So if you’ve been with me recently, you know I’ve developed a curiosity and work ethic for writing. Well today, I get to have Chris Sheridan on the show. Chris is a writer. A storyteller, and an executive coach. So I was thrilled to have him on...