Sept. 23, 2021

WISL 31 One Man and 3 Women in Strong Leadership - Jani, Abigail, and Michelle

WISL 31 One Man and 3 Women in Strong Leadership - Jani, Abigail, and Michelle

Hold Safe Space, Listen and Learn.

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Today I’m joined by three women in Strong Leadership.

I’ve had Jani Jackson on before. She was on episode 4 at That episode was titled: Develop Your Team - Make the Relationships and Connections Strong and Lasting.

I asked Jani to come back and bring a few women to talk about leadership. So along with Jani, today we have Abigail Jones and Michelle Love-Chamblee. And this is what has my attention.


Jani Jackson on episode 4 of titled: Develop Your Team - Make the Relationships and Connections Strong and Lasting.

How do you generally view Leadership?

What is important to you about women in leadership?

As a woman, what has your attention as a woman of strong leadership?

How did you get there?


Emotional intelligence

How do people learn?

Experimental learning cycles

Book: How Women Decide by Therese Huston

Book: Beyond Leaning In by Melanie Ho

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Abigail JonesProfile Photo

Abigail Jones


Abigail is known for creating uncommon connections to offer unique experiential learning and training opportunities for business owners and leaders to explore, connect, and excel.

She served as the Community Wellness Research Lead at UCSD's Lab of Comparative Human Cognition for half a decade, built a 100-member yoga community, and designed leader development methods in mindfulness and improv comedy across organizations such as Atlantic Records, the US Navy, and UCSD Rady School of Management.

In 2019, Abigail partnered with the founder of Cairn Leadership Strategies, where she facilitates leader and organizational development through executive coaching and gritty weekend outdoor adventures.

Michelle Love ChambleeProfile Photo

Michelle Love Chamblee

Michelle Love-Chamblee is an enthusiastic hospitality professional with over 20+ years experience leading teams in hotels and restaurants. She is a graduate of UNLV with a BA in Communication Studies. Her focus of study included conflict resolution, interpersonal communication and race relations, which has set the stage for leading a diverse team focused on engagement, as well as training and development. Michelle's passion is to ignite inspiration in others to grow into the best version of themselves.

Jani JacksonProfile Photo

Jani Jackson


Jani Jackson is the founder of Develop Your Team, where she is thrilled to work with individuals and teams to help them grow and excel. Jani has a master's degree in Adult Education and Training and an extensive background in corporate training and development. Her customized programs combine fun with purpose to develop highly-engaged and effective top-performing teams.