Feb. 16, 2021

Ep. 14 Why We Podcast - Podcast Observations

Ep. 14 Why We Podcast - Podcast Observations

For Listeners and Businesses

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As you imagine the world of podcasting, we thought it would be useful to offer a brief overview of the landscape, as we see it. Very simply, podcasting, over time, creates long-lasting and trusted relationships…which are worth their weight in gold. Here are eight reasons why:

Podcasting, as it relates to people

  1. People consume podcasts for longer periods of time vs. video or reading.
  2. Listening to podcasts is an easy and pleasurable experience because you can become immersed without the distraction of what’s going on in the millions of tabs on your browser or your phone constantly screaming at you visually.
  3. Advertising on podcasts is far less intrusive and distracting than it is on video.
  4. Listening to a podcast is an intimate experience – ears only. You can pick up nuances in tone, intonation, emotion in their voice. Podcasts make information personal.
  5. Listening to a podcast is a transportive experience. As listeners listen to a storyteller, they are transported to a particular moment in time and place in their mind as the story is being told. It’s the same as reading but without the eye strain.

Podcasting, as it relates to businesses

  1. For businesses, once you have a podcast, it demonstrates to other businesses that you immediately have something to offer them – a stage and an audience. An opportunity for them to speak about themselves and demonstrate their service or product to a new group of people.
  2. For businesses, podcasts offer the experience of speaking on a convention stage to a crowded auditorium of people, without the travel, hotel, flights, venue, catering, etc.
  3. Podcasts will help you be a better communicator when talking about your business. It’s speaking in public without the public’s eyeballs on you. Much less stress, much better results.


Podcasting is more than fun – it’s an extension of you, your voice, and your brand. It’s an amazing way to reach new people. Podcasting is portable, personal, accessible, versatile, intimate, and adaptable. It is the way of the future.

To conclude, podcasts have an undeserved reputation for being complicated and expensive. They are not. To be effective, they simply require that you do what so many others don’t: have a story worth telling, create imaginative program segments, and provide a quality listening experience. This is who we are and what we do.

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