Dec. 8, 2020

Ep. 10 Lauren Vang: SAFE Meetings Procurement & Site Selection

Ep. 10 Lauren Vang: SAFE Meetings Procurement & Site Selection

The Power of Connectivity

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During this pandemic, I know we’re all itching to get back to live face to face events. What if you had someone from a company that was a global leader in meetings procurement and site selection to handle ALL of your needs without needing to pay anything for it?

As a PSA, today I’m talking with Lauren Vang from HelmsBrisoce who does exactly that. If you’re planning a large wedding, cruise, or any meeting type with a group of people, you owe it to yourself to contact Lauren. 

Listen in and see why - then take a look at HelmsBroscoe’s “The Power of Connectivity.”


  • What is Socially Responsible Event Planning?
  • How can I plan on having a “safe” event?
  • What should I look for when planning an event now or an event post-COVID?
  • What is HelmsBriscoe doing now for their clients in this challenging time?


Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Get Pass, Stop COVID-19 at the Front Door

Contact Lauren Vang at HelmsBriscoe

Lauren Vang


The Global Leader in Meetings Procurement & Site Selection



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