April 12, 2022

Popular belief vs. authenticity...who wins?

Popular belief vs. authenticity...who wins?

by Shannon Giordano from Serendipity Social Media, Inc.

Ever wonder why the tapes that play in your head, play in YOUR head? I fall prey all the time to thinking something and then feeling like everyone must feel that way before realizing, nope, just me.

I actually welcome that feeling because it frees me up and lets me change the voice in my head to something else. Something I actually like better. Popular belief is just that. Popular and a belief. It’s not a rule!

Let’s all rise up and buck against popular belief. My fist is raised in solidarity. Is yours? Seriously though, here are some things that popular belief would have you believing and I just don’t agree.

👉👉 Social Media is free so I need to post on all the platforms, multiple times each day.

You'll make yourself crazy with this one. You can’t be everywhere. Instead, here’s what I suggest. Ask yourself where are the people I’m trying to reach spending their time? When are they active? Then create a strategy that incorporates those platforms and suggested times. The engagement analytics will tell you everything else you need to know!

👉👉I HAVE to do Reels. EVERYONE is doing Reels. So…I need to be like everyone.

Reels are a fabulous and creative tool, but no one is forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. Your followers will pick up on it if you're not authentically YOU. Don’t do something just because you want to be like everyone else.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Skip the trending music and popular Reel ideas and instead, create a Reel that is static photos.
  • Create a short video to share as a story or on your profile. Share something you want to get off your chest. You don’t need to dance, lip-sync, or point. I promise.
  • And remember to add Captions. Many of your followers want to watch your video with the sound off.

👉👉I must continually have original thoughts that no one has ever had before and I must put those original thoughts into the most amazing emails, blogs, and social media posts that anyone has ever read.

Pressure much? Holy moly. Nopity nope nope nope. Take that pressure off yourself. Your only job is to show up authentically. What does that mean, you ask? Talk with people. Listen to what they care about, what their challenges are, and what's keeping them up at night. Then share YOUR ideas around those things.

And don’t worry if a lot of people are talking about it. Or if you feel a jolt of imposter syndrome (who am I to weigh in on this?). Tell that voice in your head to be quiet for just a few minutes, and then record a video or write a post and SHARE.



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