June 3, 2021

Hula Hooping is Humbling!

A couple of weeks ago, on an early Sunday evening, I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone in a Hula Hooping class. I saw the notice in an email (see – email marketing DOES work) and I couldn’t wait to sign up, roping in my friend Jamie to come along. It will be fun, I said! Maybe embarrassing, but also fun!

I promise I’ll get to the Serendipity part soon. Bear with me.

I’m always in search of a good laugh and in the beginning, I surprised myself in being able to keep the hula hoop in motion…but then the instructor upped the game. She called herself a beginner too but let’s face it, she’s a hula hooping wizard.

She showed us all kinds of moves…hula hooping while walking, pivoting, and dancing. It’s easy right? Welp, I spent more time picking up the hula hoop and starting again than actually adding any moves with my hoop. Still laughing though.

And then the instructor showed us this move where we were literally ‘jumping through hoops’ and all I could think of is THIS is what it feels like to try something new on social media, fail, try again, succeed, start over…you get the picture.

Can you relate? I guess we all do that to some degree every day.

Then as we were finishing up, the instructor showed us a way to raise the hula hoop over our heads and let it fall, spinning it to start the hoop at the same time. She was so fluid. When we didn’t find the move as easy as she made it seem, she consoled us by showing us what to do when the move didn’t work. She gave us a back-up plan and encouraged us to call it a ‘happy accident.’


It all clicked for me. I love to help my client skip jumping through hoops on social media by starting with a strategy. Building a community online is not easy, but every once in a while, we share something that resonates so completely with our audience that engagement happens! And it feels so easy. Then we share something and no one engages and it leaves us wondering what hoops we have to jump through to get it right every time.

Back to my point about having a strategy – you need one so you know how to capitalize on successes and course correct when things don’t go as planned. No jumping through hoops, I swear!

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Shannon Giordano
Serendipity Social Media