What Has My Attention

What Has My Attention

Podcast insights and what has my attention in life. Your host John Biethan, President and Producer for Imagine Podcasting dba Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.

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Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

April 6, 2021

The journey of a writer that took him to podcasting. Since I recently started writing I’ve noticed …

Ep. 17 Sandtray

March 30, 2021


Ep. 16 Social Distancing NOT

March 12, 2021

They got the message wrong. It’s “physical” not social distancing

Ep. 15 Up Close and Personal with Kim Shea

Feb. 25, 2021

Sound matters a lot!

Ep. 14 Why We Podcast - Podcast Observations

Feb. 16, 2021

For Listeners and Businesses

Ep. 13 PassPoint: Protect Your Business and People from COVID Risk

Jan. 26, 2021

Rules, rules, rules - how to stay compliant

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A message from the President - No, not that one.

Although I’ve been producing podcasts since 2005, it wasn’t until July 2020 when I got serious about going beyond this one-person entity buil…

About the Host

John Biethan

President Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba ImaginePodcasting.com

My fascination with podcasting started in 2004. Now, we're hired by people who keep putting-off starting their podcast because it seems so complicated and expensive. And what they really want is to start a profitable podcast, get more leads, sales, and get their brand and message out there in a bigger way!