What Has My Attention

What Has My Attention

Elevating voices to be heard. Host: John Biethan from Imagine Podcasting. https://www.imaginepodcasting.com

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Ep. 25 Women in Strong Leadership - Leading from Love

June 17, 2021

This is the 2nd in a series of Women in Strong Leadership. Here we discuss several enhancements tha…

Ep. 24 Storytelling with Chris Sheridan

May 27, 2021

So if you’ve been with me recently, you know I’ve developed a curiosity and work ethic for writing.…

Ep. 23 Stress Less “Spiritually” with Carlee Myers

May 19, 2021

Get your FREE copy of the . In this episode part 2 of 2 Acupuncture and cupping, Carlee wants the V…

Ep. 22 Stress Less with Carlee Myers

May 12, 2021

Get your FREE copy of the Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress Playbook here Carlee Myers is an exper…

Ep. 21 Your Tone of Voice with Shannon Dalton Giordano, Serendipity Social Media, Inc.

May 5, 2021

Today I have the pleasure of having Shannon Dalton Giordano from Serendipity Social Media, Inc. on …

Ep. 20 Women In Strong Leadership: Lisa Pachence

April 29, 2021

You can view the video version of this episode on our YouTube channel for this episode titled “.” L…

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A message from the President - No, not that one.

Although I’ve been producing podcasts since 2005, it wasn’t until July 2020 when I got serious about going beyond this one-person entity buil…

About the Hosts

John Biethan

President Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba ImaginePodcasting.com

My fascination with podcasting started in 2004. Now, we're hired by people who keep putting-off starting their podcast because it seems so complicated and expensive. And what they really want is to start a profitable podcast, get more leads, sales, and get their brand and message out there in a bigger way!

Shannon Dalton Giordano

Serendipity is such a great word. What could be better than good fortune and happy accidents? Building your business is not accidental, but hard work and good fortune can go hand-in- hand. And it’s no accident that having a robust social media presence enables consumers to find you, to know you and to understand the value you bring to the marketplace.

Social media is all about telling your story, engaging your customers and sharing what differentiates you in the sea of online brands. Serendipity Social Media was born out of the desire to help entrepreneurs and businesses create an innovative online marketing strategy and (engaging) visual content to bring consumers to you.

Shannon has been working in product and online marketing for the better part of 15 years. She has pulled together experience in finance, marketing, and building B2B relationships to create Serendipity Social Media Inc. and to share with you the best practices around building your online presence.