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WISL 36 Beating The Broken Cookie Effect(™): Price for Value and Stop Settling for Crumbs

Discover How to Turn Your Revenue Roadblocks Into Building Blocks!

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WISL 36 Beating The Broken Cookie Effect(™): Price for Value and Stop Settling for Crumbs

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John Biethan dba Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.

Why Imagine Podcasting?
The truth is: you have a unique story to tell and delaying launching your branded podcast keeps your unique and valuable message from being heard, and you are losing out on an incredible Return On "Your" Influence.

Shannon Dalton Giordano

Serendipity is such a great word. What could be better than good fortune and happy accidents? Building your business is not accidental, but hard work and good fortune can go hand-in- hand. And it’s no accident that having a robust social media presence enables consumers to find you, to know you and to understand the value you bring to the marketplace.

Social media is all about telling your story, engaging your customers and sharing what differentiates you in the sea of online brands. Serendipity Social Media was born out of the desire to help entrepreneurs and businesses create an innovative online marketing strategy and (engaging) visual content to bring consumers to you.

Shannon has been working in product and online marketing for the better part of 15 years. She has pulled together experience in finance, marketing, and building B2B relationships to create Serendipity Social Media Inc. and to share with you the best practices around building your online presence.